Simply because they are unpredictable , here’s a break down of the different personalities.



The Good Guy/Nice Guy – If this is you, just stick your head in a toilet and die… Just kidding. Nice guys are boring and predictable. How many times have you said or heard someone say, “She only dates Jerks and Assholes.” There is a reason behind that statement, nice guys just don’t pose a challenge for most females, especially the hotter ones that are hit on every single day of their lives. There’s no real excitement for them if they are going to be with someone who will do everything she asks for and is always predictable. Think about your job, most people hate their jobs probably because they know exactly what is going to happen throughout the day and they have the same task that is completed every single day. Same bull crap, day in and day out. Where is the fun in that? Now imagine if your boss came in every other day and gave you a complete new different assignment that would require you to do some research, take road trips, learn and create new things without any ideas of the outcome? Starting to sound fun right? Women are very intelligent and just like any highly intelligent male, a challenge is always exiting.


The Good Guy Habits

  • Telling her how much you appreciate her
  • Overwhelming the female with gifts
  • Overwhelming the female with compliments
  • Agreeing to her opinions
  • Doing everything she asks him for
  • His world revolves around her

The Scum Bags and Jerks – Don’t hate on these guys, don’t acknowledge them in front of another female that they are jerks because you will come off as a weak person and honestly, who cares about them; live your life! The Jerk is a simple person to understand, they are generally out for themselves and unpredictable. These guys usually could care less about others, always puts themselves in first place. Women tend to tell others “he’s not what he used to be”, “he’s changed a lot” or my personal favorite “I can change him”…Bull crap! They want them because they don’t have any clue as to what is going to happen next and most importantly she has to work for him in order to keep him interested and around. It creates a challenge and a challenge equals excitement to a women.

The Jerks Habits 

  • Adventurous
  • Rebel
  • Out for himself
  • Cheating
  • Putting her down in front of others
  • Ignores her

The Middle Man – Just like everything else in life, a good balance will make anything better. Eating Pizza every day is boring, but eating pizza once every 2-3 weeks makes the pizza taste much better and more of exciting event. So try to be a balance between the good guy with a mix of a jerk. Try to look into both of these type of personalities and pull out the better side of things.

The Plus Side of a Nice Guy and the Jerk – Again, don’t perform all of these all the time.

  • Buying gifts – should only be done as a form of reward and not too often either
  • Compliments – women are compliment junkies, they love a good compliment especially about their hair
  • Ignore Her – Don’t fall into mindless games and traps, sometimes women will give you shit for the most meaningless things on Earth. She’s probably bored, don’t pay attention to her and use lots of body language to tell her that your not interested in this silly discussion.
  • Putting yourself in first place – From time to time, you have to do this. If you’re not interested in doing something, then don’t. Live your life!


I’m sure you can think of a few yourself.


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